Wasteland 2015 – Thump (Vice)

For Thump Netherlands I jumped in the world of latex and leather at one of the biggest fetish festivals Wasteland.

“In the world of nightlife we like to speak a lot about the hedonistic freedom of places like Berghain—clubs reportedly filled with sex-fueled dark corners, and a dance floor where nobody is overly shocked if there is a little rimming taking place throughout. But this weekend, the epicenter of Europe’s kinky-scene actually wasn’t Berlin, but the Dutch city of Zaandam. For over twenty years, the city has been the home to Wasteland, a party where you can live some of your wildest fantasies, and obviously dance the night away to banging electronic music, all under the same roof. This year, the dark fairy tale-themed edition took place in the city’s North Seas venue, including DJs Funkerman, Roof, Lucien Foort, and Benny Rodriguez.

For me the presence of the DJs was somewhat pale in comparison to the action on the dance floor and the cycling spectacle taking place around it. With six stages throughout the venue, there was plenty to get lost in—from various fetish performances, a fashion show, as well as a workshop involving a webcam. I became accustomed to the nakedness in no time, culminating in a 3AM experience in which she bumped into someone I knew giving a blowjob in the middle on the dance floor. If you hadn’t figured this out by now, everything you’re about to see below is NSFW…unless you work at VICE that is. (Edited version of the original Thump’s original text).

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