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The last three years I have been working as a freelance event photographer and worked with organizations such as Vice, Sluwe Vos, Disco Dolly, Rauw, Alter Ego, Spargle, Triomf and many more. When I shoot I find it important to capture the atmosphere of the event in the best possible light. The event needs to bring out the guests most positive memories and make people who didn’t visit regret not being there. Therefore, I combine overview shots, with interesting details, memorable guests with pictures of the star headliners and the interaction between people in general. I edit the pictures to compliment the event, venue, decorations and purpose. It is my goal to bring out the event’s identity throughout the images. Furthermore, I advise organizations and individuals by choosing a characteristic photography style for their event, branding and marketing goals. For example I helped Triomf, who hosts parties like Singlefeestje, 90ies Now, Tante Jokes karaoke feest to restyle their photography image and presentation. Interested in seeing an overview of the most recent events I photographed please click here, to go to my facebookpage.


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